Why you should drink green tea daily?

Many don’t like Green Tea because of its taste, smell and color but there are lot of benefits that you can get from Drinking green tea everyday. Due to this it is becoming popular now a days.


I will share those benefits here:

1. Cancer Prevention: Studies shown that Green Tea helps to suppress cancer cells.

2. Reduce Weight: Helps to reduce weight

3. Good for Heart: It reduces cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart attack .

4.  Teeth: Prevent tooth decay and reduces bad breath.

5. Skin: Improves your skin.

6. Diabetes: Helps to regulate glucose level

7. Reduces High blood pressure.

How many  cups of green tea per day  you should take?

Well that depends on your physical condition and age.

I am 30 years old Male and I am taking 2 cups of Green Tea everyday from 1st Jan 2015. Best time to take green tea is after Meal.



Do Not take Green tea with empty stomach or early in the morning.

So are you drinking Green Tea? If Yes then how many cups a day?

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