TVF’s Permanent Roommates Season 1

S01E01 – ‘The Proposal’

Watch TVF’s Permanent Roommates The Proposal Episode. In This Video, Tanya gets a surprise marriage proposal from her boyfriend Mikesh, after being in a 3-year long distance relationship. Before she can start protesting about it, Mikesh reveals his own master-plan.

S01E02 – ‘The Father-In-Law’

Mikesh refuses Tanya’s plea to delay the marriage because he has already informed someone else about it… her father.

S01E03 – ”The Bachelor Pad’

Watch the TVF’s Permanent Roommates episode 3 – The Bachelor Pad. When circumstances force Mikesh to leave Tanya’s house, Ritu’s boyfriend Lleo suggests a new alternative to his residence.

S01E04 – ‘The Bridegroom’

Watch TVF’s Permanent Roommates – ‘The Bridegroom’ Episode 4. This time, Tanya and Mikesh enter a house… and a wedding.

S01E05 – ‘The Agreement’

Mikesh and Tanya face their toughest challenge, an unavoidable breakup!

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