Stop Discriminating People Based On These 8 Types

Our world would be a Better place When we  will Stop differentiating People on following Basis.  We should treat each other equally. We want to make you aware through this post so that knowingly or unknowingly we should not Discriminate each other.

1. Gender:

Though there is a difference between Man and Woman based on their Physical appearance, but there is no difference between their brains. In fact they complement each other.


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2. Race:

No one can decide which body color he/she wants. Our knowledge and intellectual abilities don’t differ based on our Body color.


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3. Religion:

Regional differences can be from Macro level to Country level. From years People are fighting with each other based on Religion. We are not born with any religious tag on our body. So, stop fighting with each other on basis of religion we are all Human Beings and we all are equal.


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4. Class:

Difference between class means difference based on Financial status. You can find both rich and poor people around. Poor people have same feelings and emotions which rich people have.

rich poor

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5. Height:

People discriminate each other based on Height. Heightism can always be seen in business, dating & Marriage & sports etc.


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6. Age:

Age is just a number not a correct valuation of your abilities.


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7. Disability:

Disability discrimination takes place at Work & Education.  Disabled people need our help and support.


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8. Workplace



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