Quit Smoking Now !

SMOKING is not only bad but also Dangerous to your Heath. Sad thing is that Cigarettes are available so easily. No matter how many tax components government apply on it , no matter how many statutory warning posted on Cigarette packets and no matter how many Advertisements you show on TV and Movies, the amount of Cigarette smokers is increasing day by day.

I don’t want to discourage the efforts that all these media are taking, but I wanted to highlight the fact that What makes people want to smoke? Knowing all dangerous effects of Cigarette and Tobacco why people want to take them? Where does this desire come from? And How we can change their mindset and make them addiction free?

Smoking has a long list of health effects from personal, social and financial. When you quit smoking you will start noticing these benefits right after 20 minutes. You will realize how smoking is harmful to your health when you will check all levels you will go through after quitting smoking.

#What benefits you get after you Quit Smoking?

Level 1. After 20 Minutes

  • Blood Pressure decreases. Body temperature of hands and feet increases.

Level 2. After 8 hours

  • Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal – the bad breath disappears.

Level 3. After 24 Hours

  • Chance of a heart attack decreases.

Level 4. After 2 days

  • Ability to smell and taste improves

Level 5. After 3 days

  • Breathing Improves

Level 6. After 2 weeks

  • Lung cleans itself of pollutants. Physical conditions improve.

Level 7. After 3 months

  • Circulation improves. Lung function increases 30 percent.

Level 8. After 9 months

  • Immune system has become stringer. Coughs, wheezing and breathing improve. Physical working capacity decreases.

Level 9. After 12 months

  • Risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half of a smoker.

Level 10. After 2 years

  • Lung cancer risk reduced by 50%

Level 11. After 5 years

  • Stroke risk starts decreasing.

Level 12. After 10 years

  • Risk of lung cancer is now similar to that of people who never smoked.

Level 13. After 15 years.

  • Risk of coronary heart disease is now similar to that of people who never smoked.

Source: Get Rich or Die Smoking app.


You can download this app from Google Play Click on image above.

So, Are you a Smoker and want to quit? If you have already quit smoking then at which level you are?



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