Mutual Fund Investment

How does a Mutual Fund work?

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How Much Amount You Should Invest Every Month In Mutual Funds ?

  • We recommend to Invest 10% of you Monthly Take Home Salary (You can Increase % if )
  • Out of this 10% Amount Invest 60% In Tax Saving Mutual Funds & 40% In Non-Taxable but High Gain Mutual Funds SIPs

For Example:

Your Monthly Take Home salary is Rs. 50,000/- then You should invest [10%] Rs. 5,000/- In Mutual Fund SIPs Every Month. (Total Annual Investment – Rs. 60,000/-)

  • Tax Saving Mutual Fund SIPs [60%] : Rs 3,000/- (Annual Investment – Rs. 36,000/-)
  • Non-Taxable Mutual Fund SIPs [40%] : Rs 2,000/- (Annual Investment – Rs. 24,000/-)

Check –  SIP : Systematic Investment Plan

Disclaimer : Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.


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