Income, Expense and Saving

So what factors contribute to our Income, Expense and Saving?

$ Income:

  • Salary or business income
  • Interest earned on Savings and Investments (Including Bonus)
  • Other Resources

$ Expense :

  • Loans: Home, Personal, Car, Education
  • House Rent
  • Monthly Expense (Shopping, Glossary, Travel, Phone, internet & Light Bills , etc)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Expenses


  • Repay Principle of Loan as fast as you can.
  • Clear old loans and debts.
  • Don’t Use credit card  but if you need then use it upto 40% of your monthly Take Home Salary.

$ Saving & Investing:

– Saving to earn interest and Tax Saving.


  • Go for Compounding Interest rates monthly than annually.
  • Have only 1 or 2 Term insurance policy.

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