This one is the most important part of every human being. Ignoring health in today’s stressful life can be dangerous. Addition started as a fun could lead to unknown deceases and destroy your social and personal life.

I pledge myself that I will follow a healthy lifestyle and I request you to take preventive measures which will avoid future health problems.  Without writing much about myself I will post some heath related posts here..! Stay tuned for more post and do come back to see new posts on this page.

Heath Posts: 

  1. Why you should drink green tea daily?
  2. Quit Smoking Now !
  3. Clinical Features of Schizophrenia – Aarogya
  4. 5 Best Home Workout Apps on Android

Health Websites:

  1. Builtlean
  2. Live Strong
  3. conFITdent 
  4. Greatist
  5. Mind body green
  6. Healthy and Natural Life
  7. Health xchange
  8. Home Veda

Health & Fitness YouTube Channels :

Health Days and Weeks:

  • World TB Day: 24 March
  • World Health Day: 7 April
  • World Malaria Day: 25 April
  • World No Tobacco Day: 31 May
  • World Blood Donor Day: 14 June
  • World Hepatitis Day: 28 July
  • World AIDS Day: 1 December

Visit : WHO

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