Simple Ways to Control Expenses and Save Money

When your situation is like ‘Aamdani atthanni kharcha rupaiya’  you need a better Plan and action to save money to balance your Expense and Income.

Here we will be showcasing Some of the Easy Ways to Save Money.

1. Check Discount offers or Coupons :

  • Before buying any Products always search on internet for any Discount offers or Coupons .
  • Online Booking Sites always give you some discounts if you are a regular Traveler.

2. Save Expense on Petrol/Diesel :

  • If your Bank deduct extra charges for Transactions at Perol Pump by Debit/Credit Card then it’s a good idea to use Cash instead of Cards.
  • Join Car/Bike pool buddies for routine travel.
  • If you can travel by Bi cycle then this is Great way to save Money on Petrol/Diesel.

Remember: A Rupee saved is a Rupee earned

3. Avoid / Limit Credit Card use:

  • Credit card is like available a short term loan. If you don’t repay in time then you need to pay heavy fine on your Bill payment.
  • If possible credit card purchases should be less 40% of your Monthly salary income.
  • Some Credit cards offer discount coupons or point to redeem. Check these facilities and use them at the time of necessary purchases.

4. Save Money on Light Bill:

  • Turn off lights, Fan , and other Electrical Devices when you are going outside or shifting from one room to another.

5. Pay your Bills before Due Date:

  • Some bills offer prompt bill pay discount if you pay much before due date.
  • Set reminders for your bill payment or assign auto debit for such payment before due date.

6. Use items before Expiry Date:

  • When we buy products from Malls, Glossary shops then we hardly pay attention to Expiry dates on each products.
  • Use those items first which have less number of days for expiry.
  • If you are planning for long holidays then avoid buying & storing products which have less number of expiry days.

7. Reduce Telephone usage:

  • With Technological advances now you can communicate with other person vial Chat, video calls. hence you can Save money on direct call or sms.

Please comment below if you know such Money Saving Ideas .


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