Best Strategy To Prepare Biology For NEET

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a medical entrance examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students aspiring to get admission into a good medical institute in the country. Biology is one of the most important section of the exam which consists of 50% of the total marks. Students must never avoid this section and should have a proper strategy to prepare for Biology. Some tips to prepare biology for NEET is provided below.

  • Effective study plan

Along with practicing, students must prepare a well-planned timetable while preparing biology for NEET exam. Following a proper timetable can help students to prepare each and every topic of biology in an effective way.

  • Good study materials

There are millions of NEET preparation books in the market but aspirants must choose the right book for them to succeed in the exam. NCERT books are considered one of the best books to prepare for biology. Students can also follow other books such as Biology Books by T.L Rayar, AC Dutta for Botany, etc. to learn biology in a better way.

  • Important topics

The biology section is divided into 2 parts: Botany and Zoology. Both these sections carry 45 marks each which contain important topics like evolution, cell structure, DNA structure, female reproductive system, the human brain, etc. Students must focus more on these important topics to score well in NEET exam.

  • Practice diagrams

The biology section in NEET exam is filled with various diagram based questions. Students must prepare the diagrams of important botany and zoology topics to prepare better for the exam. Students can refer to NCERT books to practice diagrams for biology section.

  • Practice question papers

One of the best ways to prepare biology for NEET exam is by solving question papers. Solving NEET papers will give students an idea about the question pattern, the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the examination. Students must make a habit of saving NEET sample papers and previous year question paper on a regular basis to excel in the exam.

  • Mnemonics

Using Mnemonics is one of the best ways to memorize important and difficult concepts. It is not necessary that students use common mnemonics, but they can create their own mnemonics in their own language. For example, students can use the mnemonic “King Phillip Came Over From Great Spain” to remember “Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species”.

Medical aspirants preparing for NEET can follow these tips to prepare for Biology. Visit AIPMT Discussions and join the online education discussion forum to get involved in the open discussion on various interesting NEET topics. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive videos on various NEET related topics.


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