5+ Best ITech Blogs You Should Follow


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ITech  : IT + Tech. There are many bloggers who like to showcase blend information about Information technology & Latest Technology News. However main focus of such blogs is on Information about Computer,Android, Blogging &  Internet,etc.

Note: Following list is based on @ Alexa Global rank (as on 12-Sept-2015).

1. Tech Beacon

2. Techlila [@36,942]

  • TechLila is a computer and blogging resource which provide quality tips and tricks, how-to guide about Linux, Windows operating system, Mobile, iPhone, blogging & Internet.
  • This site was founded by Rajesh Namase on 4th February 2012.


3. iTech Passion : [@65,437]

  • iTech Passion is a Popular trending Technology Blog which mainly covers topics related to Computer Tips and Tricks, How to Blog, SEO, Web Hosting, Smartphone and Technology News.
  • The ITech Passion was started in August 2013 by Anil Chaudhari.

itech passion

4. iTech Code : [@123,066]


5. The itech blog : [@1,316,755]

  • This blog is useful for tips tricks and ‘how to’ articles about computer software, consumer gadgets, and web applications.
  • This blog is founded by ‘Namit Gupta’ who is a tech enthusiast & who likes to explore and learn new things in the tech world.

the itech blog

6. ITechOasis : [@2,427,713]

  • ITechOasis  mainly focuses on Computers, Software and Internet.
  • ITechOasis founded on 12th–June– 2015 by Tech Enthusiast Vidya Ingale .



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