So you want to sell products and promote your Brand on Decent Accent?

We would like to offer different sections on for Advertisements!

#DA Stats ! (as on 18-Sep-2015)

Facebook Likes: 113
Twitter Followers: 63
Site Posts: 43
Alexa Global Rank: 3,700,344

Keeping in mind readers interest and Decentaccent UI we limit number of ads but we would like to offer few sections for Advertisements as below:

  1. Header [Next to Decentaccent name (visible for all posts and pages)]
  2. Side Bars [Primary(visible for all posts and pages) or Secondary (visible on Home page only)]
  3. Footer [visible for all posts and pages]
  4. Single/Multiple Page or Post [visible for particular posts or pages]

You can check current ads on Decent Accent for size and presentation of ads.

If you want to show your Advertisements on ‘Decent Accent’ then  email me on [email protected]

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