10 Tips on How to be more Effective Person 

Here I am sharing 10 tips on “How To Be More Effective person in Your day to day Life.

1. Be Proactive: 

What does mean by being Proactive person? Whenever your boss or client sends any mail to your and expect a reply from you then DON’T delay. Always be proactive and respond in timely manner. Not only for official mails but also for any mails that you get and sender is seeking a response from you. Sometimes if you are not able to complete assigned task or need more time to complete it then reply and ask for time. But don’t assume that other person will read your mind or assume your reply.

2. Stop Procrastinating:

This is in line with being proactive. If you plan to do something then assign a time for that and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate things or else they will add burden to you in future and will become emergency thing to do.

3. Listen Carefully: 

Always Listen what other person is saying carefully. Analyse other’s expectation and intention- why they are talking to you? By doing this you will make person next to you more comfortable. Everyone wants to share their thoughts, feelings , emotions and knowledge with others.

4. Say NO when you actually want to say NO:

Sometimes, we hesitate to say no to others as we don’t want to hurt others by directly saying NO. In those situations we use words like may be, will see , lets see, etc… , but actually we wanted to say no. Its very difficult to say no but trust me you will stay away from some future problems if you say NO in timely manner.

5. Prioritize you Tasks:

We need to prioritize our tasks on basis of their importance and urgency. Always Do most important and urgent task first. To know which task is more important or urgent, Make a To-Do list of your tasks by prioritizing them.

6. Set Reminders:

After prioritizing our tasks we need to set reminders for them. If you have important appointment or meeting then Set reminder in your mobile app or Outlook. Now a days very useful tools and apps available which will let you set reminders and will give notification on time use that.

7. Stay updated:

Stay updated with current events and news. Read newspaper, blogs and Magazines which will give you more detailed information on certain topics. Staying updated is like adding value to yourself.

8. Be organized:

Always be organized. Categorize your stuff and assign them in orderly manner. Is your desktop of wardrobe is messed ? Then start housekeeping now. Clear unwanted things , arrange them according to their type and use. Remember where you keep things and arrange them so that you can easily access them when needed.

9. Spend time with Friends and Family:

Does this point need to be in this list? Yes. It is important to have good time or chat with your family. Of course work is bread and butter for you but spending time with your friends and family will make you feel more comfortable. A decent chat  or a hug or celebration with them will make you feel more energized.

10. Admit mistakes and move on:

Admit your mistakes what’s the big deal in it? Don’t carry burden of your mistakes and feel ashamed for it. Admit it & promise yourself that you will not repeat it. You will feel relaxed. We are humans and humans do mistakes. Admit it and move on. You have lot more things to do in your life instead of holding grudges and regrets in you mind.  Right? 🙂

So, what’s your opinion on this? Are you willing to adopt these skills to be more effective person in your life? Share your views and ideas on this post. I would love to hear from you ..

Remember, every problem has its own solution, if there is a solution then You should know it.

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