Egg Hair Mask For Hair Growth [HairCare]

Egg + Olive Oil Hair Therapy 

1. Get One Egg if you have short hair or Two Eggs if you have long hair.

2. Break Egg/s and put into bowl

  • For Dry Hair: Use Yellow Yolk only
  • For Oily Hair: Use Egg White portion only
  • For Mixed Type of hair: Use Egg as it is.

3. Add Two Tablespoon of Olive Oil

4. Apply Mixture on your hair.

5. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes

6. Wash Your Hairs with COLD Water (Hot water will make omelette on your head ) only

7. After 15 to 20 minutes Apply Hot Oil on your hair. You can use normal coconut oil and heat it above nornal temperature and then cool a bit to the temperature you can use comfortably Alternatively You can use Parachute Hot Oil.


8. Let it soak by your hair and scalp. If you apply this therapy before bedtime then keep it for overnight OR for 20 minutes

9. Wash your hair with normal Shampoo.

10. After bath You can use serum on wet hair

Do this therapy 1 to 2 times Every week.

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