Deal with Anger, Ego and Lust

Many religious novels and books already mentioned about these 3 enemies of mankind.

Here I am going to put my Opinion and Observations on Anger, Ego and Lust.

# Anger:

Anger arises suddenly like a spark inside brain. We get angry on many occasions Like – when someone teases us, not accepting what we want, using bad words for us etc. Often we end up by hurting ourselves or others. I consider Anger is like an Alcohol when we are in influence of  it we loose our control. We can avoid many fights and problems in life if we can control our Anger.

  • Controlling anger is Not so difficult:
  • Do some Meditation it always helps to control our anger.
  • Avoid conflicting situations, whenever you see a situation where you might get angry.
  • Take PAUSE for a while and think how you can deal with this situation in other way and not being angry.


# Ego

Ego by dictionary meaning: a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Thinking that you a good person is good but thinking that you are the only good person is bad. After achieving something or becoming rich and successful person, some people go under the influence of egoism. These people possess ‘I ‘,’me’, ‘myself’ attitude which later make them arrogant person. Ego often destroys your relationship. Having said that, self esteem is good but excessive self-esteem(pride) is bad. A quote by Unknown on this is “Relationship never dies a natural death..They are murdered by Ego, Attitude and Ignorance…” Always be Down to Earth and Respect people around you! 🙂

# Lust:

Lust has no other meaning than Strong sexual desire. Whenever we discuss topic related with sex or when we watch any sexual content, it is normal to get tempted and but abnormal to think like a maniac. Lust kills love and moral values. Having sexual desire is not a problem but having Strong sexual desire is a problem.  Human have a tendency of achieving things which they want. But achieving something with forceful and evil minded way is Crime. Nowadays often we heard news on Rape and Murder. Criminals in such cases are those who have strong sexual desires or want to harm other person as a part of their revenge.

Always Remember: Excess of Anything is always Bad

Always Cherish you moral values and Control your Mind. Give your mind food of good thoughts. Do meditation. Respect others and get respected by them. Be morally good .  🙂

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