6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Android Phones

The Android operating system for mobile phone users has opened a new world of smartphone experience since it was developed because it grant users access to huge variety mobile applications.


Android phones are goldmine and you should find a way to maximize its potentials in order to have great user experience.

If you have been thinking about what smartphone OS to go for, here are 6 reasons why you should buy Android phones.

  1. Easily sync Google services on your android device or mobile phone. There are many apps out there that works on android phones and Google services is one of them, which includes Google Map, Google Calendar, Gmail and the rest of Google services.

  1. Did you hear the latest song by your favorite music star? How about a movie you enjoyed last time? At a party and you wish to keep images of the fun time? Here it is. Android phones allow you add extra storage capacity by means of using an SD card to store music, movies, pictures and other documents.

  1. Your old home screen has lost it taste and would you like to change it? Guess what? You can easily install launchers on your Android smart phone. What this means is that you have freedom to customize your phone looks and feel of your home screen to suit your needs.

  2.  Accidents do happen unexpectedly and when it does, something is either damaged to certain degree or lost for some unknown reasons. If your android phone has damaged part, the android phone have much more hardware options for users which makes replacing faulty part very easy.

  1. Some mobile phone makers only serve the highly rich but does not mean you can’t enjoy the same luxury? No and that is why android phones are very affordable for every class of people, from low end to high end users. The best part is that android phone experience gives you same feels as those highly costly phones.

  1. Unlimited mobile apps. There are thousands of mobile apps on the android platform that gives great user experiences and fun. These apps, many of them, are allow users to do all sort of things and you have the options to so many free apps such as pic mix, Whatsapp, Viper, Snapchat, World Around Me, Star Wars, Snapimals, Runkeeper, Allthecooks Recipes, Zombie Age 3, Skype, Go 90, Watch Face, Gear Manager for all, Prepware Airframe and many more.

So if you wish to own a smartphone do not know which to go phone, the android OS is the best available option as it give you access and freedom to unlimited usage and customization. In case you are not sure which phone is perfect for you then you can visit websites like Techibest that offers android phones buyer’s guide on different price range.

This is why Android phones have spread so rapidly that it can rival other phone products such as blackberry and iPhones. You are almost unlimited when you use the android OS as your choice brand.

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