10 Cool Tech Gadgets You Must Have At Home

Gadgets, they are not just pieces of metal and plastic. Gadgets make our life comfortable, convenient and better. No wonder why we love our gadgets and our life solely depends on them. Imagine a day without a gadget? No phone, laptop, charger, washing machine, Ac, tablet, headphones, or power bank. The point is we can’t even imagine a single day without these gadgets. With each passing day gadgets are surprising us with something “new”.


It’s not just the features but also the looks and design of the gadgets that make us fall in love with them. So we thought why not do a wrap up of 10 cool gadgets that give you a reason to smile. The best part is not just the gadgets but their dropped prices at Amazon too. The brand is out with best online prices on the portal. So Buy Electronics Gadgets at Amazon and make your life and space better. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on to.


Waterproof Speakers

Are you a fan of Music? Loves listening to music while working, driving, exercising and literally anywhere? But what about when you’re in the bathroom? A normal speaker gets damaged even with a single water drop. That’s when a music lover needs waterproof speakers. These speakers come in great design, & sound to you enjoy the music carefully without worrying about the water. All you need is to connect the device to the speakers via Bluetooth. Once it is connected you can enjoy any song you want to listen. Further, these speakers are designed in such a way that it is protected against harsh weather conditions like wind, dust, and rain.


Air Purifier

How pure is your indoor air quality? Considering the daily activities we do in a day the amount of impurity is immense. The harmful particles that surround our indoor space include dust, moisture, mold, pet dander as well as radon gas. In addition, we invite additional pollutants and fumes into the home too from windows or doors. These harmful particles then mix into your environment and become part of the air you breathe. This is the reason you need air purifiers in the space. They process the air around you, remove the harmful particles and then release clean air to breathe.


Portable Battery Packs

Does your smartphone battery last long enough? Well, maybe not! Considering the amount of battery used, a smartphone without the charger is pretty useless. There is work going on to extend the life of smartphone batteries that last longer compared to the current one. However, the good part is till then you can get a power bank that keeps you connected anytime anywhere. The good part is now power bank are available at an all-time low price. So paying a small amount is cool to keep you charged up anywhere. Isn’t it?


Wireless Router



Gone are the days of typical routers attached to the wire. With the change of technology, routers have also changed. Thankfully for the good reason! Today’s wireless routers have been upgraded and we are able to download and upgrade the data in literally seconds. So if you are still using an old one, it’s time to switch to a wireless router which features the latest configurations.  For those who are new to this, 802.11ac standard routers provide fast download and long range WIFI that offer quick surfing.


A Fitness Tracker

Lack of sleep, exercise and long working hours can affect your health. So how to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Simple, just add a fitness tracker to your life. Fitness tracker has become a popular way to stay active and track your health. These devices not just count calories but also offer functions like sleep tracking, heartbeat monitoring, and different exercises. So spending on a fitness tracker is like an investment which keeps you healthy even in the midst of your busy lifestyle.




We have grown up reading books in paperback form, but today, several have moved to kindle and the reason for the shift is quite good. Kindle is your ready to take library anywhere anytime. This is a blessing for avid readers. Kindle is stylish, easy, anti-glare and maintains the privacy. At times people don’t want to disclose what are they reading. Kindle is that secret friend of yours. It doesn’t have any book cover or name so only you know what are you reading.


Intel Credit Card Size Computer


It seems that lugging around a laptop will soon be outdated. The Intel credit card size computer is the new hit that requires no space. Last year the leading computer brand, Intel, have unveiled their latest mini computer. The device is so small, thin and stylish that it immediately intrigued many people and become the most interesting thing. If you are planning to replace your old PC/ laptop, then it’s time to explore these mini computer devices. It’s stylish, convenient and upgraded with cutting edge 7th generation Intel lake processor memory, Bluetooth, and wireless feature.


3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

Every morning you are loaded with too many tasks to complete. Of course, the most missed and ignored one is breakfast due to a shortage of time. For all those busy professionals, breakfast maker is a blessing. Just imagine, scrambled eggs, omelet, toast,  hot coffee all can be made in one! Isn’t it wonderful?

With a breakfast maker in the house, you no longer have to dart around the kitchen handling various appliances to get breakfast made. With this wonderful piece of an appliance, you can get all done, with just a press of a button. Not only will your body be thankful to you but your wallet too!! All those costs of breakfast bought on the way can be saved.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Keeping home clean and dust off the floors every day is a hassle, especially if you are a working professional or have kids at home. In such a scenario, the robotic cleaner is all you need that can start cleaning for you at a demand of click. So cleaning is no more time-consuming and an exhausting task. By investing in a robotic cleaner you can save your hours of precious time and effort.


Amazon Echo

How can one actually wind-up the list without mentioning “Alexa”. The most hyped cool gadget that’s making everyone fall in love with. Alexa essentially is a smart speaker for hands-free help at a command of your voice. These amazon Echo better know as Alexa are smart in the sense that they can do anything for you. From answering to random questions to reciting day’s weather to play music and control the smart lights. While this gadget is not an essential for your daily life but for tech-savvy it’s a fun gadget to have around and become an indispensable part of your life.


The list of gadgets is never-ending so we have picked some of the essential ones. Those were our favorite, however, do tell us which all you find missing from the list? Share your views in the comment section below!

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